Kids Parties

We can adapt Hulabop kids parties to suit any age. Not all children of six years old and younger can manage to keep the hoop spinning around their waists, so we make sure they are all involved by playing  lots of imaginative and fun games.

Older children love to learn new tricks with the hoops and we can teach easy routines that they can amaze their parents with at the end of the party.

We provide the hoops and the music and the fun!

Your teacher will have an enhanced DBS/CRB certificate.

great hula hooping skills!

One hour party is £120.

Please bear in mind that your venue will need plenty of space. Feel free to check with us before booking that you’ve found a suitable location.

This price is for a party within reasonable reach of Jess in Twickenham or Lindsey in Banbury. There may be an additional cost for travel outside these areas.

Please get in touch with Lindsey ( or 07729209453) or Jess ( or 07817850829) to book your party


Hulabop's handmade hoopsHulabop’s handmade hoops for children. These ones won’t break and can be made in lots of different themes and colours, including everyone’s favourite, Frozen! They are £15 +p&p