Hula Hoop classes country wide are becoming really popular. Hulabop classes  are now running in South London and Banbury.


Hula hoop classes have loads of benefits. From improving your fitness to improving your coordination, hooping does it all.

The hula hoop classes starts with the basics of hoop dancing, and will progress to fancy tricks to work up a sweat and amaze your friends!


Each class will start with a hooping specific warm up to get the right muscles working and get your body moving in the right way. Then you will learn to keep the hoop spinning around the waist, turning around with the hoop spinning, hooping on the hips and hands, off- body moves and linking these together. All this to some great tunes! 

The best bit about Hulabop classes is that the emphasis is on fun; exercise is so much easier when you’re laughing.

There are lots of funky tricks to learn too, from escalators to isolations, these moves will amaze your friends and make your hoop dancing look great! 

There is so much you can learn with the hoop, you won’t get bored like it’s so easy to do with other exercise classes. Once you start you won’t be able to stop, it’s really addictive!

All moves are broken down into easy to follow steps.

New hoopers are encouraged to learn at their own pace in a relaxed and friendly environment.

No previous hooping experience needed.

Hulabop is suitable for all fitness and skill levels.

Adult sized hoops will be provided or bring your own if you prefer.

Please don’t bring a child’s size hoop or you will struggle!

We also don’t recommend the very heavy exercise hoops as they can cause injury and will not be suitable for a Hulabop class.

Please wear comfortable clothes and footwear that you can easily move in.

Don’t forget a bottle of water too, hula hooping is thirsty work!



squirrel hooping

Hula Bop stick man