A bit about Jess:

I have always hated boring exercise.

However, I do like to be fit so I’m always looking for exercise that will keep me interested, hopefully teach me new skills and above all be an enjoyable experience. After trying a few different things over the years, I have finally found something that does all these things and more: hooping is just perfect!

I discovered hoop dance after watching Grace Jones hooping while singing at the Golden Jubilee concert. I thought, if hooping gives you legs like that I want a go! I bought a hoop and got going. I started off getting tips from YouTube and then went to classes myself.

Realising I was thoroughly addicted, I decided that I wanted to introduce as many people as possible to my new love, so I did a teaching course with Hoopnotica (the leading hooping company in the U.S.) I followed that up with another teaching qualification at Live Love Hoop in Brighton. I also have an industry recognised fitness instructor certificate in Exercise to Music

I am now a certified hoop dance teacher and can spend as much time as possible sharing my passion for hooping with other people.

A bit about Lindsey


It all started with a video of an American hooper dancing with her hoop to Taylor Swift, and I though ‘THAT’S what I want!’

I found Jess at Hulabop in Twickenham, since then Hula hooping has taken me to the other side of the world (not kidding – that photo is on a beach in Hawai’i)

Jess introduced me to Hulahooping and I was quickly addicted, and I can’t say I wasn’t warned!! In the last three years I have been taught by some of the best hoopers in the world and I want to share that with everyone I can.

If my exercise routine is boring, I just don’t do it! Hula hooping gives me such a perfect mix of fitness and fun that I want to exercise… A new feeling for me!

I’ve also gained some unexpected benefits from hooping – more friends, more travel, and a huge boost to my body confidence! I feel great and (not to sound too cheesey), you can too!!

Now I’ve arrived in Banbury and classes start soon… get involved!!

Jess and Lindsey have designed classes to be the kind of class we like to go to. Relaxed, fun, and above all not intimidating. We hope you will give it a go, we’re so glad we did!!


hoopnotica certificate