Buy a Handmade Hulabop Hula Hoop

Step 1 Choose your size

If you decide to buy a hula hoop, it can be confusing as there are different materials, sizes and weights.

For a beginner you will need to buy a hula hoop that is bigger than you think. If you hold a hula hoop in front of you with the bottom of it touching the floor, the top of it should be about at your belly button.

It helps when you buy a hula hoop to measure the distance from the floor to your belly button so you get a rough idea of what size to buy.

Hoops can be  made with 25mm diameter pipe which is good for beginners or 20mm for those wanting a lighter hoop for tricks. They can be made in any size and pretty much any colour.

Beginner/exercise hoop 39 inch diameter, 25mm pipe.

A little heavier to help you get the hang of it or great for waist hooping for exercise.

Dance/ tricks hoop  36 inch diameter, 20mm pipe

A little lighter which makes you work harder round the waist. Perfect for learning and practising tricks and off body moves.

Kids hoop Unbreakable! Smaller than the adult hoops but more solid than the flimsy shop bought ones. Kids will find these much easier to use.

Email if you need help deciding on sizes.

Step two. Choose your colours.


Choose from:  1 x sparkle + 1 x grip tape

or                          1 x sparkle + 1 x grip tape + 1 x pattern

or                          1 x pattern + 1 x grip tape


sparkle tape


Gold sparkle      Green sparkle

Aqua sparkle      Purple sparkle

Orange sparkle Blue sparkle

Silver sparkle     Pink sparkle





pattern tape


Purple zebra     Hello Kitty

Frozen                 Retro flowers

Minions               Spongebob Squarepants





more pattern tape


Olaf Frozen

Retro owls           Penguins

Camo Skulls        Leopard

Pow!                       Funky leopard



grip tape

grip tape








Step Three. Pay for your hoop and tell us your colours.

Adult hoops are £25. Kids hoops are £15

Delivery local to Twickenham is free or please contact for postage options

Please specify chosen colours in ‘message to seller’ section of Paypal checkout.

You don’t need a Paypal account there is a ‘pay with a card’ option

hoop size

Now available TRAVEL HOOPS! Take your hoop with you wherever you go. See the video below…….

folded up hoop








close up folded hoop