Hula Hoop Classes 

HULABOP is a new class on a mission to teach hula hoop classes to anyone who wants a fun way to get fit.

In fact, you’ll be having so much fun learning to hula hoop that you won’t even notice the calories you are burning. HOOPING is growing fast as celebrities catch on to the benefits. Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Kelly Osbourne, Grace Jones and Kelly Brook are all converts to the hoop.

hula hoop classes   You will learn how to keep the hoop spinning on different parts of your body, toning all those areas as you learn. You will also learn tricks to make the experience even more fun! Hooping has numerous benefits. It is a great cardio workout, it strengthens core muscles, improves flexibility and fitness and helps with coordination.

Hooping is ideal for people who would like to get back into fitness perhaps after an injury or having a baby. 

Hula hooping is very low impact so can be very beneficial for people who find jumping difficult. The repetitive movements slowly build up strength and flexibility without putting strain on joints. In fact hooping can be really helpful for people with mild arthritis.

Women who have had a baby often find that they have lost strength in their core muscles. Hooping is a great way of strengthening the core and consequently the pelvic muscles.